Saturday, March 7, 2015

almost done with it

Muddling along through the tail end of this never-ending winter, and thanking our lucky stars that we didn't shear the sheep last weekend. Poor things, they would have had a heck of a time with the bitter cold nights and multiple snow storms we have had since then. In one week!

Also thanking our lucky stars for plow trucks and snow blowers working as they are supposed to, although road crews in many surrounding towns seem to have thrown in the towel.

One person in our house is still enjoying the winter, but all by himself these days. Even the dog is less enthusiastic about going out, unless he can ride shotgun in the plow truck.

Several things are in the works knitting-wise, but nothing to share just yet.

My current obsession is the way the colors are working out in this hat pattern I am developing. Maybe it is just the fact of Color! given the monochrome palette outside. I may yet finish this hat tonight, despite a lurking suspicion that it is a hair (hahahaha) too big, and the thought of reworking the time-consuming band pattern has me somewhat in despair.

And don't say "gauge swatch" to me, please. I did one. It lied like a rug, as my father would say.

In more positive and promising news, after its postponement two weeks ago, the Six Ways to Short Row class debuted today, quite successfully I think. Six students showed up, a very nice turnout, and the store owner is asking me for more classes. I am going to rework the cable class slightly to see if that will work; hopefully it won't be too warm to contemplate a wool headband by the time it is scheduled.

Too warm for wool headbands! Still hard to imagine at the moment.

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  1. What beautiful knitting you do! Could you try to felt the hat to shrink it a little?