Friday, March 13, 2015


Yesterday was a run, run, run sort of day. Up early to get packed for the Princeton Farmer's Market, then drive my husband to the airport for his flight to a conference, then hustle to the market and get set up in time. Thanks to a heck of a lot of forethought about how to streamline the process, I was ready in under 30 minutes.

It is a really nice group of vendors, so a lovely place to hang out for a few hours and meet new people and catch up with returning customers. Primo biked from campus to visit for a bit, always a treat. My parents came up to lend me a hand, my mother staying with me and my father going back to my house to meet Terzo off the bus and pick up Secondo from track practice. I am very, very spoiled having my husband's practice in our home, since someone is usually always home. My father and Secondo, my cook, made a delicious mushroom risotto for us all using mushrooms from the farmers' market.

It was a good day, but such a packed-to-the-gills day that I didn't have too much energy left at the end of it.

That's Jasmine in the middle with the crazy do.
She always looks a bit helter-skelter right before shearing.
Kali is to her right, and Kevyn to her left with her head lowered,
mad at me for taking pictures instead of feeding them their morning grain.
Lucy is bringing up the rear.

Once I got boys on the bus and animals fed this morning, I was torn about how to spend a rare day all by myself in the house. I considered a ton of ambitious plans. Dye yarn? Start on a new craft project? Finish an old knitting project? Do all the laundry? Tackle the mountain of ironing? After thinking about and then rejecting a bunch of ambitious plans I ended up doing....


Well, not strictly nothing. I finished my book, Couldn't Keep It to Myself: Wally Lamb and the Women of the York Correctional Institute. (Highly, highly recommend, but be prepared to cry.)

I binge-watched "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt" from Netflix, on the big TV, which I almost never get to choose the programming for.

I worked on my re-started hat, then decided to throw practical considerations to the winds and cast on for another project altogether, mostly because it has beads and I have been itching to start it for a while now. A day by myself called for its own project.

One of the biggest reasons I was eager to start on it was to use my new yarn bowl, a Christmas gift from my brother and his family. One of those tools that is so beautiful and perfectly appropriate that it makes the whole project a joy.

I did finish a bit of non-knitting work, though not one item of clothing went into the washing machine or onto the ironing board. It was a most productive sort of day, mostly because it wasn't.

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  1. Days like that are so precious! Glad you enjoyed it. That yarn bowl is truly special.