Tuesday, December 2, 2014

mountains of mitts

I have been knitting fingerless gloves non-stop for the past two weeks or so, for several reasons:
  1. A few were ordered by people who saw my facebook posts about teaching how to knit the fingerless mitts.
  2. Once I started knitting them, they were like potato chips. I couldn't stop.
  3. I have a craft fair next weekend, last one of the season, so I figured I could sell them there.
  4. Any that don't sell—well, if you are related to me, don't be surprised if you get a set in your stocking. 

I am feeling like I am just about done with this current obsession. The finished count is 10 pairs, with one left to seam. I may make it to 15 as I have several meetings to sit through attend in the next week, which are prime knitting time for this kind of mindless project.

They weren't quite ready to sell without my new knitting tags, ordered from an etsy shop, Valerie Paperie, all the way up in northernmost North Dakota. (That fact isn't really relevant but I loved seeing how far apart we were on the map!) They arrived yesterday and I am crazy pleased.

One pair of fingerless mitts, ready to go!

In other news, the #adventword project is chugging along. I'll be posting them here from time to time for my dad to see, since he isn't on social media.

Monday December 1: remember
Deep in December, the heart will remember, and follow.

Tuesday December 2: imagine
Some glad morning when this life is over, I'll fly away.

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