Monday, December 15, 2014

keeping up

A quick post so I don't get too far behind in sharing my Advent words. I am keeping up with those faithfully but that's about it!

Primo came home from college on Friday. Thanks to a wonderful family I came home from the craft fair on Saturday to a clean house. We came home from tree hunting on Sunday with just about the perfect tree, but aren't they always, once you get them home and decorated?

My least favorite question this time of year: "Are you ready for Christmas?" I am doing my best to answer with a cheerful (hard through gritted teeth), "Nope!" But my stress level, at least as far as the holidays are concerned, is still remarkably low. A hat tip to the monks.

Saturday December 13: Risk
We shall overcome.

Sunday December 14: Expand
Expand thy wings, celestial dove, brood over nature's might.

Monday December 15: Focus
Will the circle be unbroken?

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