Friday, December 12, 2014

change in terms

I was doing laps around the house the other morning, in search of my usual prey.

"Have you seen my mug?" I asked Terzo, packing up his backpack for school.

"A businesswoman shouldn't lose her coffee cup," he said, tapping me gently on the cheek.

His descriptive startled me. Since when had I become a businesswoman, in his eyes? Not sure if it is the knitting classes or the office work, because I have always done the farm, but now I am seen as being officially in business.

Well, this businesswoman is almost ready for the last craft show of the season tomorrow. That's fifteen pairs of gloves in that basket. I think I just about have them out of my system at this point. At least I will have plenty to give away at my multiple variety of places of work.

Thursday December 11: Breathe
Breathe on me, breath of God.

Friday December 12: Act
Love consecrates the humblest acts and haloes mercy's deeds.

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  1. Terzo's precious and priceless comment to you scored a real life LOL here. Sounds like you've also got the business of raising some fine young men down as well. :)