Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Brooklyn was a mixed blessing. Well, it was 95% blessing, with family and fiber friends and selling lots of stuff. The only downside was the flip of selling lots of stuff: that means a lot less stuff to sell at Rhinebeck this weekend.

This is my first time doing these two festivals back to back. Heck, it is my first time vending at Rhinebeck and I am crazy excited. It's so hard to get accepted in that venue as a vendor that I didn't think our breed cooperative booth (just like we do in Maryland) stood a chance for the first couple of years of applying. We were accepted the first year, in part because of our success with the cooperative structure at Maryland, and in part because it is a "fiber direct from the shepherd" enterprise. Also in part because of a healthy dose of luck.

So this week has been a giant scramble to get things ready. At the end of the day on Saturday, I reassured my mom that I had plenty of time, because Rhinebeck was a week away. She correctly pointed out—and I desperately need correction from time to time— that I only had four days to get ready.

One of those days I was spending in the local park supervising the 4-H kids and their petting zoo for our local fall festival. That was Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday were fairly productive days. Yarn was dyed! Items were made! Roving was weighed! Greeting cards were printed!

Today I had to go to work, which leaves tomorrow, when I have to pack up and leave. I was a bit despairing throughout most of the day as no end seemed to be in sight, but as of about an hour ago a light has been dawning at the end of the tunnel. 

My packing effort so far. My husband said my pile makes him think I am moving out in vagabond fashion, and reminds him of that scene from The Jerk: "All I need is this paddle ball game. And this little ball of twine. And these greeting cards."

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