Tuesday, October 7, 2014

mail from mrs. crosby

I know I am old-fashioned, I know it is going the way of newspapers and glaciers and personal conversation, but I love receiving a note in the mail.

Today I had the most wonderful surprise awaiting me in the box at the end of our driveway:

A note in the mail from Mrs. Crosby herself! And she called me Dear Heart!

Now, if you don't know who Mrs. Crosby is, I suppose some explanation is in order. Mrs. Crosby is the latest yarn diva/sensation/persona. She is somewhat hard to explain, because no one (to my knowledge) has met her in person yet, but she loves to travel—hence the names of her lines of yarn: Hat Box, Steamer Trunk, Carpet Bag, etc.

To get a better idea, you should probably just check out her blog.

A few weeks ago, I participated in one of the contests on that blog. While I didn't win the grand prize, which was some of her gorgeous yarn, she was kind enough to offer consolation prizes to all of the runners up.

Hence the letter. And my prize, which I had kind of forgotten about, which is the best way to get a prize. It was lovely tags to attach to handmade gifts—and samples of her yarn to do the attaching.

From the samples, the yarn is every bit as scrumptious as it appears in photos. I will have to do some scouting at Rhinebeck to see if I can find the yarn in person. Only to check it out in greater quantity, mind you. I have no designs on this yarn. None. (Said in true denial fashion...)

In the meantime, I think I am going to frame the note.

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