Thursday, October 16, 2014

homework assignment

I spent the day pulling together the last final bits for Rhinebeck. Except for the part when the water softener repair man came at 11:30 am and I was still in my pajamas, because getting ready for Rhinebeck. Not sure who was the most embarrassed, me or the repair guy.

After getting in the necessary shower (when he finally turned the water back on), I slowly loaded the truck... Packaged the last few items... Figured out computer inventory issues... Stocked the pantry and fridge for my impending departure, in case my family forgot the way to the supermarket...

I was finally ready to go, and then Secondo asked if I could take pictures for his school assignment.

Little did I expect him to reappear in winter work coveralls (and not much else), cowboy boots, sunglasses and his brother's straw cowboy hat. I have no idea what kind of school assignment this was, except it was for Spanish class, and had the theme "what not to wear." Given the outfit, the last part does make some sort of sense. No one should ever wear this outfit.

Though to be fair he does a pretty good job of pulling it off.

We started out with the sheep, who were just as confused as I. But he had grain in his hand, so they were willing to overlook a little sartorial oddness.

We moved on to the basketball net. Please, don't ask me. I still don't know why.

But we did manage a great shot of him imitating LeBron James, plus grass stem. I hope I get an A.

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