Sunday, October 5, 2014

let there be light, and hay

Big doings around the barn this week.

First of all: working electricity, which we have been lacking since April. One day it was working; the next day, nothing, discovered when sheep were escaping the electric fence plugged in at the barn.

The electrician who came to solve the problem couldn't figure out how it had worked for the past twelve years that we had lived here. According to him, it was vastly under-wired, and not in the good bra meaning of the word. So, enter the trenching and the piping and the install-a-new-subpanel-in-the-shed-ing.

(In a side note, you can see that the third side of the barn is almost done... We estimate one solid day and we should be FINISHED.)

Now we have power and plugs to spare. We are lousy with lighting all over the place, including the previously-unlit shed. We won't know what to do with ourselves.

Well, we somewhat know what to do with ourselves. We need to get more hay in the barn.

Primo was quite disappointed about his timing this weekend. He came home to attend the 4-H meeting and was roped into stacking hay. The look on his face says it all.

No worries about Secondo, he was working too. He was pitchforking clean straw out of the way so quickly that he was a blur!

Now to find 100 or so more bales of hay. We still have a shed in the back to fill, and obviously a little more room in the barn. That bay needs to be completely filled if we hope to have a chance of making it through the winter.

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