Saturday, October 11, 2014

brooklyn in the rain

Today was the Kings County Fiber Festival, aka Brooklyn. I debated for weeks whether to go, because it is Princeton Freshman Parents weekend, and also I will be vending at Rhinebeck for the first time next week. I hemmed and hawed, but I really love this festival, not least because I get to see my Brooklyn family on their native turf. I finally paid my fee three weeks ago, and my ever-patient mother volunteered to come along as first mate.

As the event drew closer, the weather forecast grew increasingly dire. At 6:30 am when my mom had to leave her house, it was pouring, but it looked like it had a good chance of clearing up by early afternoon. My wise husband counselled us to go. Being ever crazy, we did.

We weren't in a rush to get up there, so we set up in the rain about the time the festival was supposed to start. No big deal; no one was there anyway. My father provided a giant piece of plastic sheeting and clamps to hold it in place. Once we got the tent set up, we were in business.


We had brought an extra tarp, so we loaned it to our next door neighbors, whose tent was leaking all over the place. We had learned our lesson the hard way a few years ago, better to be over plasticized for these sorts of weather events. Our tent, in all its toasty dry wrapped goodness, on the left, with our neighbors on the right.

Once the skies cleared, we were unbelievably busy and it didn't let up until closing time.

In addition to the Fiber Festival, a wedding had been booked for the Old Stone House (really, I am not being unimaginative, that's what it is called) that sits in the middle of the park. What a fabulous place for a wedding, and they lucked out on the weather.

The Brooklyn crew brought us hot soup for lunch, a perfect antidote to the damp chill. They magically reappeared at tear-down time to help and we were done in 20 minutes thanks to all those extra hands. The reasons why I love this fiber festival should be obvious! I had a great day vending with my mother, I sold a ton of wool, but the time with them was the best of the day.

As for Princeton Parents weekend? I may be a terrible mother, but that one shouldn't be on the long list of reasons why. My college freshman wasn't even there. He came home to watch his brother run cross country today. Missing yet another cross country meet may be on the list, however.

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