Wednesday, September 17, 2014

unofficial downton abbey knits 2014

The 2014 edition of Interweave's "Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits" is almost here!

And take a look at the preview page!!

Not one, but two of my patterns are featured! The green scarf and the pink beret are both mine, and my article about the "Costuming Downton Abbey" exhibit at Winterthur also got a shout out.

Stay tuned for more... I am working on a guest blog post for the issue roll-out. I'll let you know when it goes up.


  1. Congratulations! what an exciting time for you!

  2. Mazel tov! I love the scarf! The beret is lovely as well, I am just not a beret kind of person :*) I love that you are getting published!