Saturday, September 20, 2014

fibre fallout

It's late September in an even year, so that means it's time for the Fibre Fallout, the bi-annual retreat organized by the North Country Spinners Guild.

My mom came with me to our first one four years ago, but had to miss the last one due to a work commitment. I was thrilled that she could come again this time around.

Yesterday we took an excellent class in spinning using the long draw technique from Amy Tyler. She loves Coopworth, and we spent quite a bit of time with it, so that was a bonus! Today I will be learning how to use natural dyes, while my mom has more spinning, this time with Robin Russo, a class I took last time and which also heavily features Coopworth. Coopworth is such a rare breed in US that it was fun finding out which breeder had produced the roving they were using.

In addition to the spinning and dyeing and other sorts of creating, there is fun of the sort that only fiber types can enjoy. Last night Robin participated in the "see how much yarn you can spin in five minutes while blindfolded" contest. She didn't win, but the winner isn't pictured; one photo couldn't capture the other six people competing. We are all eagerly awaiting tonight's mystery contest.

There is catching up with old friends, and making new friends. Just as enjoyable are the beautiful surroundings of this retreat set in the mountains. I hope to make it to the labyrinth today.


  1. Loved meeting you and learning with you and your mom! Great photos of the weekend!