Monday, September 8, 2014

best festival surprise

Two years ago, Coopworth was the featured breed at Rhinebeck. A person I knew only through Ravelry, username Spindlecat (she has amazing things on Etsy), contacted me to purchase some Coopworth roving. She told me later that not one, but two of her entries won first place.

Yesterday, I had the nicest surprise when she stopped by our booth to meet me in person and show me the skeins. They were gorgeous, as you might expect for skeins that won first place at Rhinebeck, always a place of excessively stiff competition. One was a grey fingering weight, and the other was a white lace weight.

Then she did the most amazing and generous thing.

She gifted me the skein of white lace weight.

I may have started referring to it as "my precious" and carrying it around the house with me. I wish I had a better picture to show off its gorgeousness. My best guesstimation is about 330 yards, and it is whispering "Estonian lace scarf" to me. What do you hear?

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