Wednesday, September 3, 2014

new signage

If a fiber festival is in my near future, then I must be devising ways to update my booth. I don't know if I will ever be entirely satisfied with it. My latest mission has been my signs.

Years ago, our family was the beneficiary of a large lot of fallouts, those pieces left from framing mats after the center is cut out. Using computer fonts, decent cardstock and the colorful fallouts, I managed to make some decent signs over the years, but it was a pain to reprint and reglue every sign when prices changed. Plus they looked about as good as they cost.

While on my cooker hunt at the thrift store a few weeks ago, I also scouted out cheap frames. The best were blank ones, intended for diplomas, priced at a dollar or two apiece. I took them to a talented crafty friend, who owns a store in town and gives classes in how to make chalkboards out of old window frames and such things, and she transformed them.

Wish I had a "before" picture. They went from nothing special to stunning.

Now to learn how to write a bit more artistically! Computer fonts saved my butt in that regard. I took her advice to use my sons' chalk pastels, outgrown and dusty from non-use (that was not part of her advice, though I was glad to find another use for them) but the sign was still not worthy of the frame.

My second attempt:

A bit better. The nice thing about the chalkboard is that I can keep trying!