Thursday, September 25, 2014


The beginning of September was an out of the frying pan, into the fire sort of situation. We managed to get everyone sorted in time for the start of school, then I was into the thick of getting ready for Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival. Once that was over, I was facing a mountain of work. Everyone involved had been most patient but the time was past due for me to meet some deadlines. College tuition and all that, so I don't want to get fired. Catching up involved many mornings of waking up at 3 or 4 am and working in the dark quiet.

Then the icing on the cake: knitting classes.

I wasn't planning on offering knitting classes. I have batted around the idea for years, but I certainly didn't have time for them this fall. But a random post on our local facebook page generated an outpouring of interest, so it seemed like the iron was too hot for me not to strike.

So: knitting classes.

Every one so far has been full, with the graduating knitters clamoring for more classes and projects to teach them different skills. I have been busy trying to keep up. I'm not complaining! I love knitting, and I love teaching, and I love watching people fall in love with knitting, so it is a very happy conjunction, even if unplanned.

Today, finally, was a breather. The second round of beginner classes finished up last night. Today the kids had off school for the Jewish holiday. It was cold and rainy. I dressed in comfy clothes and vowed to stay in all day.

I attended to all those pressing-but-who-has-the-time tasks.

I made bread in the bread machine. Terzo went wild. Apparently I have not made bread in his recent memory. Oops.

I made homemade ratatouille pasta sauce, for the first time this season. The Disney movie of the same name had it right. It is my ultimate comfort food, especially when the ingredients come out of our garden.

So hallelujah and thank the good Lord for Rosh Hashanah today, and happy new year to all those celebrating. I certainly feel like I have a fresh start.

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  1. Homemade bread is the best!! Good for you taking a day to do those important things!! Your knitting classes sound like so much fun!! Enjoy the New Year!!!