Monday, December 23, 2013


One of the best parts of Christmas is Christmas cards. Not necessarily sending them—I am embarrassed to admit that I am still not quite finished with that task—but getting them, from all our neighbors both near and far.

Even better than that is looking through them again the following year, so I can remind myself of everyone's news from last year (because of course I have forgotten) and enjoy the pictures all over again. Amnesiac tendencies have their small joys. I put the cards in a basket as they come in, and the basket, cards and all, is packed away for next year. Some special cards stay in the basket year after year.

After I am done reading them again, I go to my next favorite task—making my own Christmas labels! I know this sounds completely crazypants but it is really quite fun and takes about 30 minutes and a pair of scissors. I used to get more help with the task but the boys are over it and leave me to my own devices.

I don't just cut off the front of the card for one giant label. Boring! I try to see if I can get at least two or three out of each card, by divvying up the picture into various randomly shaped pieces.

Don't forget the pictures on the inside and the back...

Seven labels out of a single card may be an all-time record.

I end up with a pretty good selection, even with the recent proliferation of photo cards that don't work for these purposes. The boys enjoy sorting through to see if there are ones with dogs on them for Dusty's gift, sledders or skaters for their brothers. Or I should say they used to enjoy sorting through them for some sort of meaning. Now they just slap any old thing on and call it good enough.

But I still love picking through them and matching style, shape, colors, etc. to the packages and recipients. At the very least, I know that no one else will have labels like ours!

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