Thursday, December 12, 2013


Somewhat holiday-related but all knitting. And no song today. I was too busy seaming. The blasted yellow cotton sweater is done, and I love it. It has changed names and is now the favorite cotton sweater. I had to do quite a few modifications—body smaller in circumference but longer in length, and longer sleeves with smaller circumference at the wrists—but everything worked out perfectly, and I had about 20 yards of yarn to spare.

You can see I wasn't lying about the one million little cables.

End result: it fits perfectly. Hard to tell, because I don't have buttons yet. So yes, technically, it is not 100% done, but when has a knitter ever let such a minor detail get in the way? I will be getting buttons tomorrow. Unfortunately the vintage ones picked up in September are way too large.

Yep, that's a post-it stuck to the back of my iphone.
It's my daily to-do list.
I know I can do a to-do list on my phone, 
but it is nowhere near as satisfying as crossing things off on a piece of paper.
Plus the paper is so awkward that I remember to check it more often.

I wore the sweater to a Christmas get-together tonight because yellow cotton! So in season! But it was over a red pullover and I wore little Christmas wreath earrings so maybe that made it OK.

Speaking of hope... I have decided that everyone in my family needs a knit hat for Christmas, for various reasons. Yes, Christmas is only 12 days away, as of tomorrow. But one of them is getting a voucher for a hat in his college colors, once he actually picks a college, so technically I only need to knit three hats. It's do-able, now that this sweater is done. I am off to the yarn store tomorrow morning.

Hope springs eternal in the knitter's breast right before Christmas.


  1. Knit me that sweater, please! I love it!

  2. Beautiful! And the fit is perfect.

  3. Love the sweaters. The hats will be easy peasy. Last year I decided at the last minute to knit hats for all my nieces/nephews. I think I knit 15 hats in 12 days!


    I'm thrilled that you finished it and like it! I hear you on the hats....