Friday, December 6, 2013


Today's word put me in mind of Bach, and made me spend most of the day humming "Sleepers Wake," and its fabulous hymn counterpart "Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying", which is a really nice way to spend the day. Puts you in the right sort of mood almost all by itself. I highly recommend it.

It also put me in mind of this photo I recently snapped of my eldest and youngest, on our way to a dinner engagement after a long run-around day.

Another reminder today to be attentive... and I took it especially meant to remind me as a parent to be particularly attentive (and appreciative) this advent season. This is the last one that we will enjoy together as a family. Next year, my eldest will be away at college. I am not sure how his absence will play out in our family, though I can guarantee that it will change the dynamics in ways that we can only guess at, and that my youngest will feel it the most keenly.

We are so focused on the myriad responsibilities and pressures related to the college application process that I fear we are often failing to take the time to appreciate the here and now of his remaining time with us. I need to be more awake.

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  1. It's a sweet picture to pull out when the boys are out on their own.
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