Tuesday, December 17, 2013


"I'm free... to do what I want... any old time..."

For the moment, anyway. Perhaps the very short moment, because I am looking for a job to help pay, in a "drop in the proverbial bucket" sort of way, for that college that Primo got into yesterday. A job outside the home is going to make a serious dent in available knitting time, that's for sure.

I have also been thinking about the chains I tend to put around myself at the holidays. I have been trying to be very mindful this year. It's so easy to drag myself down into the pits of despair just because I think I must bake all the cookies and put ribbon on all the presents and hand make all of the gifts. And in reality, those chains are completely unnoticed by anyone else, whether they are there or not.

Of course, if these things make the holiday meaningful and wonderful and joyful for you, then by all means, you should definitely do them. But if they elevate themselves into a chore which sucks all the joy out of the season and replaces it with stress and despair, then it may be time to reconsider.

So for this year: I am trying to stay free of as many chains as possible.

Except for maybe the hand made gifts. But that is a choice, not a chain, and I will try to keep reminding myself of this fact come December 24 at 2 am.

Icicles on the chicken coop roof, until I opened the door and they broke free.

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