Tuesday, February 26, 2013

weather attack

Another fact of life: Primo has started looking at colleges. We are trying to squeeze in college visits around school and sports schedules, which requires a little fancy footwork. A couple of weeks ago, Primo approached his dad about a combined ski trip and college tour weekend.

"OK," my LSH replied. "What college do you have in mind?"

Primo was mystified. "I thought we would just figure out where we wanted to go skiing, and then look at whatever college is closest."

Priorities, people.

The end result was my LSH planning a quick tour of Cornell University in Ithaca NY, with a drive-by look at Colgate University on the way home, and no skiing. Primo accepted his fate with good grace. They took off on Friday night and were back late Saturday. The tour was a success, if you define success as falling in love with a very expensive university (Cornell) and crossing one university off the list (Colgate).

Luckily they came back in time to help with all the shearing and lambing readiness chores. We were talking this morning about what else needs to be done, and my LSH mentioned that he wasn't sure how we were going to get through Saturday, as it was supposed to snow.

My heart sank. We were going to deprive the poor pregnant sheep of their wool just in time for a storm? Panic gears immediately locked into place and started to turn. We were going to have to keep them all in the barn, for who knows how long! We were going to have to move the skirting operation to the basement, instead of outside! This was going to be so difficult!

Meanwhile, my husband, consulting his ever-knowing iPhone, reeled off the upcoming weather. "Snow starting tonight through Wednesday... a few more inches on Friday, wouldn't be surprised if the boys' 4-H conference is cancelled... flurries on Saturday morning with a high of 31 degrees..."

The penny finally dropped.

"Do you still have Ithaca set as your weather homepage?"

Ummm, yes, he did. The forecast in our location is 46 and sunny, which seems positively balmy compared to 31. The sheep will still probably be a bit chilly without their wool, and we may put them in the barn at night for the first few days. But at least it's not snow.


  1. Too funny!!

    I love your sons college-researching methods! Truth be known, I probably plan some parts of my life the same way. It seems to all work out in the end.

    Now you can rejoice in the weather that YOU are having!


  2. LOL! I am seriously considering scheduling a trip to VA to coincide with a fiber festival. Don't laugh - at least it is in the area we want to see!