Friday, February 1, 2013

popularity of penguins

Every so often (OK! almost every day! you got me!), I check out what is bringing people to my little corner of the world—little being the operative word. I want to give the people what they are looking for.

Imagine my surprise to note these statistics, which have been trending pretty true over the last month or so, though no surprise over the actual numbers of the statistics, because my corner of the world is, as previously  noted, a little one:

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Good lord have mercy, there are quite a few people out there desperate for ideas on how to put together a elementary school level diorama project involving some penguins on an arctic tundra. At least I hope it is for elementary school, and not some college final exam.

(In an aside: early power tools? What on earth would bring this blog up for that search? Early knitting tools, maybe...)

By way of reminder, my son's diorama looked like this, because I am a big believer in having an elementary school project look like an elementary school project (in other words, he did most of the work by himself):

Such desperation, and this is what google serves up in their hour of need. A shoebox, a penguin picture background, a couple of plastic figurines and some clay whale tails. Imagine their disappointment, hoping for some serious blog-worthy effort on how to create the world's most A+-worthy penguin diorama, and ending up with a commentary on the rough road that third children must trod upon.

Makes a blogger feel like she had a big opportunity to make a difference in the world, and she completely missed it. Anyone who wants this idea, feel free to take it: a blog on how to make a great diorama of (insert theme here). Charge money for it. You'll make a mint.

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