Saturday, February 2, 2013

a cautionary tale

We all know words can come back to haunt you, but Terzo has not learned this lesson. Yet.

At a playdate yesterday, he was doing reverse pull-ups on the kitchen counter. Or maybe it's not called reverse pull-ups. Whatever you call standing with your back to the counter with your hands on it, then pulling your entire body up until your arms are straight. I would call it a broken elbow.

I have no idea where he learned his manners. A barn?

The host's mother was amazed at his talent and strength in this regard, even calling in her husband to witness Terzo's feat. When they asked Terzo how he was strong enough to pull this off, he nonchalantly revealed his secret: hauling water for the sheep.

My LSH was also amazed, because Terzo has never hauled one drop of water for the sheep.

Until today. Lesson learned? I doubt it. How many of us can honestly say that we know when to keep our traps shut?


  1. This maybe my favorite post, ever.

  2. Ok, he is just adorable...little white lie, or not!! How old is he? Might need to introduce him to my youngest daughter one day!