Tuesday, February 12, 2013

fat tuesday

It started during church on Sunday, when the priest mentioned that Ash Wednesday was this week.

"Wait a minute," Primo whispered to me. "That means that we're having pancakes on Tuesday, right?"

"Great!" I replied. "You're making pancakes for us? I'll put you down for dinner on Tuesday."

"That's not what I meant..." he grumbled.

Yesterday, I posted this to his facebook wall (because doesn't every 17 year old boy want his mother posting things on his facebook wall?):


To give the kid credit, when the batter hit the griddle, he put a spatula where his mouth was.

Remember all those blueberries we froze last June? Amazingly enough, Terzo has not eaten them all yet. I made a delicious blueberry sauce—though not as good, I was informed, as the one their grandfather made for them last year. We added breakfast sausage from the pigs for a little protein. It was a family effort meal, from start to finish.

1 comment:

  1. What great fun family traditions are!!
    I know that my vegan daughter would say that there is enough protein with out the sausage but it all sounds wonderful to me.