Sunday, August 5, 2012

that's one way to wake up

Primo has been skunked with the work situation this summer. Last summer he worked almost non-stop for two local farmers. This year, the work dried up. When his friend called to ask if he wanted to substitute for a co-worker, Primo jumped right on it.

The catch: he would be picked up at 6 am.

He is desperate enough that this wasn't a deterrent. To be fair, he is an early riser anyway.

The first day was yesterday. He got himself and a packed lunch out the door on time, but left his farm chores for Secondo to do. Secondo was none too pleased, and declared that Primo was not pulling the same stunt again. So this morning, Primo got up even earlier and stumbled out in the fog to do his chores.

He was in the barn, filling up the grain buckets, when a large something shoved into the back of his legs.

He refuses to confess what he raced through his mind. He will only admit that he went from half-asleep to completely awake in no time flat.

Of course it was a sheep. Jasmine, one of the show sheep in the small paddock, had somehow escaped the charged fence during the night—we still have no idea how. He didn't see her in the barn; she must have been behind it grazing, and just followed him through the open door. It took him a bit to catch her and put her back where she belonged, but probably no longer than it took for his heart to stop racing.

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