Saturday, August 4, 2012

on the move

We spent some time moving around sheep today. It's that time of year when fresh pasture is hard to come by, but I am not complaining. Compared to the central US, where the pictures of the drought are so unbelievably tragic, we are doing just fine.

The first move was to put the ram lambs in the front, under the willow tree. I thought about haltering all of them but in the end it was too hot and humid and I was too lazy. I figured we would corral them and move them once the fence was set up. Secondo and I pulled up all the white electronet fencing and set out for the front. To our amazement, the ram lambs trailed along behind us. Unfortunately no picture, but Terzo said it looked like a parade as they obediently followed us right to where we wanted them.

Job one, check! Maybe they thought it was just too hot to put up a fuss, and they were ready for some fresh grass. If our sheep know anything, they know two things for sure: (1) green bucket means grain; and (2) electronet being moved means fresh grass.

The sheep that were at county fair last week were quarantined in the barn; we let them out in the small paddock two days ago. Thanks to the ram lamb relocation, more electronet was freed up and I was able to make a small pasture in the unmowed grass around the paddock.

They were obviously very happy have some better grass. We didn't see their noses for a good hour as they pigged out. That's Lambykins in the front right; you can see what a solid little thing she is!

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