Friday, August 17, 2012

a most delicious slop

I have found a new culinary outlet: cooking for the pigs.

My inspiration came from this pot full of overripe zucchini.

That, and the fact that the boys are really getting hammered on the pig feed with the rising cost of corn. Since I pointed out that free produce helps fill those hungry pork bellies (and in a most nutritious way), they have been diligent about picking up the leftovers from the farm stand on the corner, and even raiding their dumpster for anything salvageable. Rumors are going to start flying that we don't feed our children.

I decided to help them out by experimenting with some of the excess produce in our own kitchen, which the pigs would never touch raw. A little chopping (size irrelevant), with some almost-but-not-quite rotten carrots, a bunch of potato peelings, and a little water and salt into a very large pot.

Cooked for about 30 minutes, until everything was softened up. Let cool on back porch overnight, with lid on to discourage a raid by the dog. In the morning, mixed in every questionable vintage sauce I could find in the fridge: this one had dumpling sauce, sweet and sour sauce, spaghetti sauce and some fading salad thrown in for a bit of crunch.

Fed to the most appreciative audience I have ever had.

Did you see it? The one pig practically swooned from the pleasure of eating it. I've never had that reaction to my cooking.

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  1. PIGS are CUTE! Messy and smelly, but CUTE as heck :0).