Monday, February 27, 2012

summer's last gasp

I knew our tastes from last summer were nearing an end when I brought up this last bag of frozen blueberries a couple of weeks ago:

Sure enough, a few raids by my youngest son, who eats frozen blueberries by the bowlful, and I found this sad little remnant on the counter two days ago:

Note to self: freeze a few more flats next year, so we have a chance of making it to almost-June and restocking again.

I searched the freezers in vain for an overlooked bag, with no luck, but I did happen upon this bag of treasure:

My smart friend Marta had shared her trick: she freezes rinsed plum tomatoes whole, and then just blanches/defrosts them at the same time in boiling water before adding them to sauces or other dishes to lend a hint of summer flavor. These ended up being the only tomatoes we managed to preserve in any form, as our plants failed long before it was time to harvest for tomato sauce.

As is often the way with a different routine, I completely forgot we had put aside these tomatoes. Now we have a last little bit of summer's flavor to tide us over these next few months!

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