Tuesday, February 28, 2012

acer cardigan

I started this sweater just after the Christmas madness, and finished it up with a concentrated effort today to meet my end-of-February deadline.

In addition to misplacing the sleeves for a bit, I faced other challenges with this sweater, most notably the set-in sleeve construction, but I managed to work my way through with minimal problems.

I am well pleased with how it turned out. Maybe I will even get a little use out of it before spring is officially upon us. All the sunshine fooled me today. I laid the sweater outside to dry in a bit of wishful thinking, but it was still damp when I put it on for modelling purposes. It will have to finish the drying process compliments of the wonders of central heating.

(The photos were taken by Secondo, after a bit of arm-twisting and reminders not to get a pickup truck or garbage can in the background. I was very pleased when I saw the results!)