Sunday, February 12, 2012

when I knit

I have an ongoing debate with my aunt concerning when I can possibly get all this knitting done. She is firmly convinced that I must knit in my sleep at night, as that is the only possible explanation. She intends to grill my LSH about it the next time she sees him, because she doesn't believe my protestations that I am a girl who needs her full forty winks.

I was pleasantly surprised on my progress on the green shawlette I just made, however. It seemed to be finished in record time, and got me thinking about when I had actually knit it. When I sat down to work it out, it was pretty instructive (and pretty typical):

1. I cast on Monday afternoon during Terzo's baseball evaluations. I cannot believe it is time to start baseball already, but that's how the darn sport goes.

2. I continued Monday evening while the family watched Monty Python's Holy Grail, in between explaining some of the jokes to Terzo.

3. I made great progress Tuesday morning during my most productive knitting time: early in the morning. I love that time, just after getting Primo on the bus and before I have to wake Secondo up. It's dark and quiet and peaceful. Knitting with the dogs at my feet and no one else astir is the perfect nourishment for the soul.

4. I knit a few rows during the day, while talking to a few people on the phone. (Chances are, if you are on the phone with me, I am knitting. No worries. I am still paying perfect attention to you, unless I happen to drop a stitch.)

5. I worked on it a little bit Tuesday evening while waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for Primo's event to start during the sectional meet for Winter Track. I ended up tinking most of it back, though, as the setting wasn't really conducive to knitting lace, even very simple lace.

6. More progress early Wednesday morning...

7. Knit during Secondo's piano lesson Wednesday evening...

8. Finished and cast off early Thursday morning.

There you have it, Aunt P. As exciting as a shopping list, but a testament to wresting time away from the mundane time wasters in life and literally making something out of it. And no need to lose sleep, either!

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