Tuesday, June 28, 2011

blueberry run

In what is shaping up to become an annual event, the boys and I headed south today for our annual blueberry purchasing event. We passed fields upon fields of blueberry bushes so loaded with berries that they looked like they were covered with beautiful purple blooms. You will have to picture this using the wonderful gift of imagination because I forgot to bring my camera. Next year!

Eighteen flats of blueberries (plus some sheep feed) in a pickup bed looks like this:

Not all ours! Most are for friends and relations.

The inevitable question arises: why go all the way to South Jersey for blueberries? In a nutshell: the price of buying them direct from the farmer can't be beat, even with the cost of gas -- and lucky us, it really isn't that far. The way we go through berries around here, we will have them used up well before next season.

I am already worried that I didn't buy quite enough.

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