Sunday, June 26, 2011

a hiking sort of weekend

These two spent the weekend on an overnight hike on the Appalachian Trail with my brothers -- they have a new appreciation for what it means to pack light:

It was their Christmas gift. Rather than buy them "some thing" my brother S. tries to give them a special time alone with him. My other brother D. was able to join them and it appears a fun and somewhat smelly time was had by all. My brother S. has two small boys of his own, and called me to marvel that about the level of intelligent conversation that was possible with teenagers that were developing into actual people. Of course, it helps that he isn't one of their parents.

That left us with one boy. You might think that would mean an easier weekend. You would think wrong. He dictated our weekend activities to us like a cruise director on steroids.

We also hiked, because why should they get all the hiking?

We fished.

We actually caught a fish (but dad had to help get it off the hook).

We played board games, watched movies on DVD, went out for dinner, watched a movie at the movie theater, and topped it all off with root beer floats.

So much for getting my brothers to give us a break by taking two boys off our hands!


  1. director on steroid! Love it!! You should have dropped him with us. He could have played with our jedi. Good job on the garden!

  2. Great post. Second photo is prize worthy! Love reading about what your crew is up to! p.s. the garden looks amazing.