Monday, June 21, 2010


About a month ago, we held what Secondo referred to as "the annual de-floofing of the dog."

Can you tell which way the wind was blowing that day?

It got rid of quite a bit of his undercoat, but it wasn't quite as successful as last year's defloofing. His britches (the fur on the back part of his legs, seen below) were still quite full and, unfortunately, getting matted. Even more unfortunately, he hated us trying to brush out the mats and would just plop his butt down every time we tried.

Now this is the weather britches were invented for!

He was also terribly hot with the heat we have had already. He would come in from chores or horsing around with the boys and pant desperately for well over an hour.

So today we took him to a groomer and had him depantsed, and de-belly furred as well, mostly to help him with his heat-management issues -- but he also needed a good scrubbing. Being a good farm dog, he is OK with a hose-off on the back patio, but you can only get him so clean with that.

Dusty's snowy white bits have never ever been this snowy white.

He is not super happy about this. As a matter of fact, he seems to be quite embarrassed and has been lying under the kitchen table, refusing to get up so the boys can laugh their pants off at his lack thereof.

Nekkid dog!

He alternates between wondering where his britches went, and begging me to take off the silly bow they put on his collar.

I took pity on him and took off the bow. I know he is just biding his time to go roll in something really smelly and dirty, to take care of the rest of the grooming job. Except for the pants part. That, he's stuck with for a while.

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  1. OH! I should post pics of me doing the same thing with our Golden Retriever! I will NEVER have another matter how adorable and loving they are! She looks like she has mange and when we do get that brushing done I realize she is not as FAT as I think she is :0). They do look all manner of sad and nekkid when we defrock them, don;t they. poor things are really at our mercy...but the lack of "fur" bunnies makes me not really care!
    I did see 2 posts you made on my blog and for some reason, I am NOT getting notices of comments! I have about 20 readers or so, but you and my Dad I think are the only commentators...Thanks! I will pass your message on to Meagan. She leaves on August 8th---boo hoo and cheers. On a side note---I found a new friend at church who is going to teach me how to knit! i am uber excited--yes, I used the word "uber". I leanred this from my house full of pre-teens and teens. i am quite hip!
    Enjoy the day...