Saturday, June 12, 2010

terzo's garden

Sorting through the pictures from the last month or so, I realized that I hadn't yet posted any pictures of Terzo's garden this year. Taking him to a garden center means I am taking my wallet into dangerous territory. While I am trying to pick out vegetables and marigolds, he is eyeing the impatiens (a particular favorite) and wheedling his way into getting yet another six-pack of flowers to plant. He was so effective this year that he managed to expand the number of pots planted to eleven and they are blooming away in a most lovely and colorful fashion on the back patio.

We were a little short on time and so didn't add any new organic matter this year, but they seem to be just fine as is, with one exception. He begged his oldest brother to help him find yet another pot in the shed -- I am not the only one who cannot resist his powers -- and as it hadn't been used in many years, the only soil in it was dried up potting mix. I cannot get that one pot to hold water properly and half the plants have already withered away. Yet another example, as if any is needed, of the power of sheep poop.

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  1. love all your posts, but this one is special. What a face!