Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sharper focus

Turns out... It was not just me! It was indeed the camera!

My wonderful husband gave me a new camera over the weekend for our anniversary (which isn't until Saturday -- seventeen terrific years, but who's counting?)

I have been using two point and shoot cameras: a Canon PowerShot A630 and a Nikon Coolpix S220. The Canon does a pretty good job for what it is, and I suppose the same can be said for the Nikon, which was my birthday present last year. The Nikon is not much bigger than a wallet, so fits in my pocket and purse and is easily toted around to pull out to capture various moments. Unfortunately the colors are not usually true, action shots are nigh on impossible, and the right quarter of the photo is always out of focus.

I managed. I did not complain, at least not on a regular basis. (I was more than a little disappointed when the pictures from our New Orleans get-away were of such poor resolution that I could not make a photo album out of them, however.)

This new camera is a Canon digital SLR, and holy crow! does it make a difference. I had taken some pictures of the garden with the Nikon, and I scooted out and took the same pictures with the Canon later the same day.

Before (Nikon):

After (Canon):

And a few gratuitous shots that we could not have taken with the point-and-shoots (not enough control over focus, not enough zoom, not enough ability to capture motion, respecitvely):


Yeah, I'm loving it. Hope you'll be able to enjoy it's output as well!


  1. I know what you mean about those annoying times when you want to get the action shots and the camera has a delay. I have many a picture of the people sitting across the street from us at parades from when I was trying to take a picture of my son marching with the band in parades. It would not have been so bad if I got his friends behind him, but no it was just enough time to get in between the rows. Enjoy your awesome new camera and all its benefits! We will all enjoy the pictures that you post.

  2. Nice pics. Hey I just thought of something else in looking at the shots of the boys in the yard and elsewhere with their animals. When we were talking about justifying lifestyles vs bowing to cultural pressure, just look at what your children get to enjoy because of your vocational decision. That is huge in my book! I grew up in a setting like that, and it was so sweet. My sister is raising her children in that setting (she is a school teacher like my parents were), and I am just hungry to buy a chunk of land somewhere here in Charlotte and have that for myself along with my career.