Tuesday, June 8, 2010

where is my head?

As you may have noticed, I have been a little MIA in the blogging department lately. I am somewhat busy here with various things, none of which bear going into, but which are interfering with my ability to blog and weed the front garden and do laundry... well, maybe not do laundry but I will take any excuse not to do laundry until my family are gnashing their teeth at the lack of event-specific t-shirts.

My missing ability has extended to knitting. I am down to the very last bit of the body of my May sweater... yes, I said May, but I have switched to the bi-monthly plan at this point, so technically it is now my May-June sweater. (It is February Lady, in case you are wondering.) But I cannot get my head around a sweater-sized project at the moment, no matter how far along it is, so it lies in a forlorn abandoned heap of stitches and circular needles and waste yarn.


I decided that I needed something more manageable. My head is only able to get around something little at the moment, and what could be smaller than a sock-sized project? I rediscovered a half-worked sock that I started over a year ago, which I had abandoned due to an issue with picking up stitches.

Thanks to the magic of the new camera, the colors are accurate
and the stitches are in focus! Hallelujah!

The sock construction is a little untraditional... and I was missing quite a few stitches... but I managed to patch together a solution yesterday, graft the back of the leg together and proceed merrily down the heel. It has been quite a while -- two years, come to think of it -- since I have made a sock, and I was so darn pleased with my ability to remember how a heel worked and feeling so darn clever that the bottom tricky bit of the sock came together so quickly. I am progressing so much as a knitter!, I distinctly remember my pride-goeth-before-a-fall self thinking.

I finished the last of the decreases at a T-ball game this evening and started to roar down the home stretch towards the toe seam, and then it struck me. I was making the smallest size, or so I thought. But the foot part was turning out to be suspiciously, freakishly, out-of-proportion big.

And the heel was so nicely striped, too!

Apparently the other thing I can't get my head around is reading the blasted directions, especially if I haven't touched them in over a year. I was using needles that are too large, making -- you guessed it -- socks that are too large. 

Now I have to get my head around ripping all that work out, and maybe think about staring at the wall as the only thing I am capable of at the moment.

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