Thursday, August 20, 2009

living up to his name

Thanks to the long-delayed arrival of summer, Dusty is finally "blowing his coat." It's just like it sounds: his fuzzy, furry undercoat is coming off in chunks all over our house.

My LSH brushed him tonight, and produced a much leaner Dusty (we're not starving him by any means, just turns out he was a good percentage fluff).


So much fluff, that my LSH also managed to produce a lhaso apso (small child included for scale).


Although in my current panic mindset, I am thinking that I should have saved all that fluff and dyed it for my booth.


  1. You threw it away??!!! When you could have spun it??!!! (LOL) I'm never tempted to spin dog hair--it's lovely and all but when it gets wet, well, you know what a wet dog smells like: The smell never goes away.

  2. I have a whole brown bag of dog fluff from an Akita mix that I am spinning for $
    Never spun such short fiber. It's not inch worm, spinning it's micro creep spinning.
    Also. I'm not sure but I don't think you can sell dog hair. Look it up....hugs,

  3. I saw mittens once that a lady had made out of her dogs fur. She said it works but it is brittle or some such thing?

    Can you use for mulch?

    Miz C