Tuesday, August 4, 2009

toothy tuesday

With all the hoopla over getting ready for the fair, and getting to the fair, and staying at the fair, and getting home from the fair, a little milestone was slightly overshadowed.

My last baby lost his first tooth on Friday.


We convinced him not to take the tooth to the fair, because the Tooth Fairy wouldn't know to look for him in a tent at the fairgrounds. And then a tornado came and blew the Tooth Fairy off course. We realized this when he returned home on Sunday and she hadn't come yet, but as we pointed out, she also hadn't known she was supposed to come because he hadn't put his tooth under his pillow.

Secondo was sent to help him with this most important task, and all of a sudden we heard Terzo wailing the wail that can only mean his brother was inflicting some sort of mental or physical torture on him. I finally calmed him down to the point where he could tell me what was the matter, and he hysterically sobbed that his brother had told him that the Tooth Fairy only brings money.

When I confirmed that yes, indeed, the Tooth Fairy does bring money, he wailed even louder, "But I really wanted a necklace!"

Good thing the Tooth Fairy will be retiring relatively soon.

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