Friday, August 28, 2009

the results are in

First off, thanks to all of you who voted and also commented here or on the NJFF list or called me up personally to give me your opinion/suggestions/moral support. It was all much appreciated, even if I did feel a bit like statistician Marge Innovera* with my little poll. (I was positively thrilled, however, to find out that an ACTUAL opinion professional thought my question was well-worded! I sweated over it -- who knew that it was so hard to ask a question?)

So... drumroll please... my solution actually incorporates a bit of all of the suggestions. I had forgotten how dusty this particular venue can be, so unfortunately the protection that a plastic bag offers is a must. (I thought about cloth bags but I think that the dust could penetrate them, plus then they would get dirty. Plus they cost a lot, and I did briefly consider whipping up a few dozen myself, then promptly smacked myself silly until I came back to my senses.) I compromised by ordering biodegradable bags, similar to the ones I use for my cards, but obviously a different shape. I will be leaving a little of each skein out of the top of the bag for people to feel.

I'll post a sample next week, once the bags get here; I think the scheduled date is Tuesday. I am sure the mailman is tired of all these personal trips up my driveway but he should be pleased that I am doing my best to prop up the US Postal Service and the economy, all at once. Right now I have to go start work on today's delivery: yet more roving, in a quantity that shall not be mentioned.

* If you need a little pick-me-up, take the time to read through a few of these. "Bedtime storyteller... Juan Zapata; Staff chaparone... Theresa Crowd; Swimwear designer... C. Bigby Heinz." They are even funnier when read aloud by the Tappet Brothers.

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