Sunday, August 9, 2009

my plan works

From an article in Time magazine today, titled "Why Exercise Won't Make You Thinner":

After we exercise, we often crave sugary calories like those in muffins or in "sports" drinks like Gatorade. A standard 20-oz. bottle of Gatorade contains 130 calories. If you're hot and thirsty after a 20-minute run in summer heat, it's easy to guzzle that bottle in 20 seconds, in which case the caloric expenditure and the caloric intake are probably a wash. From a weight-loss perspective, you would have been better off sitting on the sofa knitting. (emphasis mine)

So glad to hear that I have mainstream media support! Now I have no reason to feel guilty when my LSH heads out for a run early in the morning, and I opt to sit and knit in the silence instead. The article doesn't even address the stress-reducing mental benefits of my choice, which definitely tips the scale in favor of the sofa.


  1. I like your logic: Sound, solid, and just the reasoning to support my preferences.

  2. you are of course, as always, spot on!

    mrs. c

  3. So weird, that cover of 'Time' caught my eye when I was working at the library last night, and I thought, "I have to read that article." Of course, I forgot all about it until I read your post! Thanks for summing it up so well, for all of us!!!