Tuesday, November 17, 2009

things that are pleasing me mightily

Every so often, there are just those little things in your life that please you beyond all measure, certainly more than such little things have a right to do. I am a firm believer that paying attention to these little things, and letting them do their work, is the key to being just a bit happier as you go about your business.

A prime example: EZPass Express Lanes. They are a wonder. Leaving aside all that "do we have to pay tolls, our tolls are so high, the government is so corrupt, blah blah blah" (because there is really nothing to be positively gained by going down that particular road), is there anything better than whizzing under those metal contraptions, not even having to slow down, as the money is deducted from your account?

As I said, more pleasure than such little things have a right to confer.

Another example: my new tapestry needle. As predicted, I misplace it and then panic about misplacing it on a regular basis. But once I locate it and use it: Oh Joy! It is so beautiful. It is so easy to thread no matter how bulky the yarn. It does its job so well.


Here it is doing its job on my new fingerless gloves, that I crafted Out of My Head! in just a Few Short Hours! that use up Just the Right Amount of Leftover Yarn!

DSCN1809 DSCN1810

(For the record, the yarn is Lamb's Pride Bulky in Wild Violet. I will try to get the pattern written up and posted when I get a chance. I am thinking it would be a great pattern for someone using double pointed needles for the first time.)

So what was your little thing today?


  1. Gorgeous!
    I get to go play with my friends at the coffee shop today.
    THAT is a pleasure!!!

  2. a loving husband who got up at 4:30 to drive me to the airport :-)