Monday, November 23, 2009

let the holiday knitting commence

It's that time of year again... the time of year when thoughts turn to hand-crafted gifts for everyone on my list, maybe even two per person, because how can I give just the scarf when I know a hat pattern that would go perfectly with it? I am trying to maintain some level of sanity, but given the fact that I still have over a month until the big day (technically speaking) I am not doing so well.

First up: 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf, out of Jaggerspun Superlamb (a washable merino) in Curry.


I had to alter the pattern a bit, because 241 stitches is just a bit too long, especially for the petite recipient it is intended for. Once I cut back to 201 stitches and got the darn stitch pattern established, it is flying along. I am over halfway done. I had planned to finish it by tonight but that won't be happening. Let the holiday delusions begin while we are at it!


  1. Some people NEVER learn. LOL

  2. My dear friend, this is the time of year when your thoughts start to turn to how you can drive yourself insane!

    The best gift you could give your loved ones is to have a simple holiday without stressing yourself out over handmade gifts.