Friday, November 13, 2009

end of story

The last time I left you, I had a mess of cashew something-or-another on my candy-cooling board and a lot more to make before the church bazaar tomorrow. (Let the record reflect that I DID NOT VOLUNTEER for this duty. I was asked by the parish priest. And who can say no in those circumstances?)

I know that my candy-making issues won't cause anyone to lose sleep while awaiting the outcome, but I have to take a moment to give a shout out to my LSH. I'll be the first to admit it: he is the true brittle-making expert in the house, and he came to my rescue, yet again.

While I was dragging a very grumpy teenage boy to yet another high school tour last night, my LSH and his minions were busy making brittle. I came home to find all three batches were done and ready for packaging. Here's what the brittle should look like (he was so efficient that I didn't have a chance to take a picture while it was spread out on the candy stone):


Good enough to eat, right? Unlike Wednesday's disaster.

One more thing off the list, at least for the moment. I have full confidence that ten more things will take its place before I can blink.

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  1. you are making me hungry.
    Good to talk yesterday, miss you.