Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ode to my favorite store

Thrift store, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

You provide me with five new (to me) pairs of pants in my size,
In brands that I like,
For $42.
And lo, though I will eventually get sheep poop and dog mud on each and every pair,
I will not overly mind.
For I can always return the tired, the stained, the holey to you,
And you will provide me with a wide selection of new (to me) pairs
While saving me from the horrors of the dressing room mirror,
And the mall parking lot.


  1. I wonder...are you setting the stage for indepth debates and discussions in upcoming days?

  2. I'm not sure which I hate more, changing rooms or malls. I agree with you, thrift stores have always given me the best in pant selection since I'm between petite and "normal" length. Plus I never go anywhere that looks matter too much! And if I get home and the $4 pair doesn't fit? I'm ok with chalking that up to a contribution and putting it in the bag to get donated back to the thrift store. Cheers!

  3. Way to go Kris! Low rise boot cut jeans - my favorite!

    We have 3 awesome thrift stores here (that's within a 7 mile radius) and you should see some of the amazing things that have found their way into my closet! I have a collection of Flax that you wouldn't believe!

  4. Horror in the dressing room - When I was pregnant with my first I was in a mall dressing room and overheard an inquisitive little boy ask his mom, rather loudly, why she had holes in her underwear. I suddenly wanted to run home, never go back and questioned my choice to be a mom. Beware, the mirror may not be your only enemy!

  5. You will have to join my friend, Sharon, and me when we get fleas.
    LOL We love the resale shops. She always gets the best clothes as she is a smaller size. We have a great time.

  6. I should have known my loyal readers would be fellow thrift store fans! Amy, your story had me laughing out loud. Little could you foresee at the time that the TRUE horror of motherhood would be the fact that you would someday be the one with the holes in your underwear because you wouldn't have time to shop for yourself!

  7. And don't forget that the thrift stores are the only way to get those lovely sheets we use to gather each fleece after shearing!

  8. How is it that I can always find like-new jeans that fit me perfectly at the thrift store?

    And never at retail? Even when I try the same brands.

    Were the thrift store jeans never new? Where did they come from?

    Are the product of some sort of illicit twill breeding that goes on in the back of closets?

    Anyway, I'm not ungrateful, just powerful confused.

    I like $4 jeans way better than $35 jeans.

  9. Ah yes! The often overlooked pot of gold with a missing rainbow! I remember finding a full set of corelle dishes that matched my existing pattern for $2. And yes, my fleece bags on shearing day are 15 cents each!