Wednesday, November 11, 2009

take note

If you need to make cashew brittle for the church bazaar this Saturday, and your closest grocery store is out of the red bottle Karo syrup, and only has this on the shelf:


EVEN IF you are kinda feeling weak and shaky because you have just completed your first day of catch-up errands after being under the weather for so long, which included a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles with your LSH's pickup truck, because he doesn't pay attention to such things as inspection sticker deadlines and the inspection was four months overdue and the truck held up the entire works while a group of DMV workers did Special Tests to see if they would pass it or not (they did, but you were A Spectacle nonetheless); and

EVEN IF you have an impatient teenage boy at home waiting to be ferried to his orthodontist appointment so he can have a prayer of getting those braces off before he is old enough to drive said pickup truck (two more years, but at the rate his teeth are moving, it will be a race to the finish); and

EVEN IF you justify the purchase of the wrong kind of syrup by thinking that you are doing the bazaar-customers a favor by buying the "healthy" syrup even though you know, deep down in your heart, that it may be OK for pecan pies and such but it probably will not be OK for such fiddly things as candy-making;


Because your candy will come out looking like this (which is not a good thing):


and you will be stuck going to Walmart to get the good stuff in a rush tomorrow after serving your stint as kindergarten helper mom, while praying that you still have time to get all those batches made and packaged up in time for Saturday.


  1. oh. come on...they look yum : ) !! I wish you lived closer...I would drop by. Glad to see you are feeling well.

  2. Mr WF, you know that you are welcome anytime and I would serve you a big bowl of ice cream with the crushed reject brittle on top (it works well for that, luckily).

  3. Oh how I miss that stupid car inspection ritual - NOT! Amazing - we don't have that here and the cars are not falling apart as they drive down the road! I had such fun ripping those annoying billboard size stickers out of our car windows! LOL!

    Glad you are finally feeling better!