Friday, May 15, 2015

not quickly enough

The shawl is coming along, just not quite as quickly as I had hoped. Progress so far, in the usual lace-like way of looking like nothing more than a dishrag at this point:

I am not sure why I am particularly surprised, because if I am perfectly honest about it, I haven't been holding my own feet to the fire quite as closely as I should have been. I have been operating on the blithe assumption that it will get itself done, and of course it will, but at this point not without temporarily resigning from my family. 

Or some sort of miracle. I have been banking on the miracle, but this pattern (the divine Sweet Dreams by Boo Knits) adds six stitches every two rows, and so now I am up to some ungodly number of stitches on the needles, and growing exponentially. One conveniently forgets how long it takes to work rows consisting of hundreds of stitches per row, no matter how intuitive and simple the pattern may be. Perhaps I shouldn't have started the second repeat of the lace body, but it's too late now. Nothing to do but press on and plan to be up very, very late this weekend. 


  1. It will be lovely. Great shawl pattern, nice yarn choice. The knitting is all!

  2. You're getting there! Closer now than last weekend. And you'll make it (pun intended). You always do!

  3. It's looking great! Good luck.

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