Sunday, May 10, 2015

a lovely day for this mother

Somehow, a Mother's Day with no obligations on the actual day. Unprecedented. We decided to drop in on the college freshman and spend a little time with him before he gets into the thick of finals, which start next week. 

My Mother's Day wish was to to simply spend a little time with the three of them, so we met him at campus and ended up at the Princeton Art Museum. What a revelation! Quite a broad collection, including one of Monet's Water Lilies (which Secondo could not believe was real) and works from Picasso, Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol and Degas, to name but a few. 

I loved this window by Frank Lloyd Wright. circa 1904, called Trees. Much inspiration there.

Then back to the courtyard behind his dorm for me to open presents, framed photos of the boys and a new frame for Primo's preschool artwork. It had dropped on the floor, the glass shattered, at some point during the year since he had left. It was bittersweet to think of how much a year had helped with the relationship, decidedly rocky when he left but now a genuine source of joy. The perfect day to reflect on the difference a year had made.

As for the wedding shawl, it is coming along. Yesterday morning, I was finished with the stockinette starting part, up to 157 stitches and ready to start the first lace chart:

As of this morning, through Chart A (okay, only four rows, but still, progress) and onto Chart B, with the beads starting to take their places in the scheme of things. 

We just put a porch onto the back of the house and it is everything I dreamed it would be in terms of a place to sit and knit outside. This morning, with coffee and quiet except for the birds singing, it was heaven. This evening, not quite so much, as the bugs drove me inside. Eventually it will be completely screened and then I will move out there on a more or less permanent basis.

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  1. A porch does sound like heaven! Glad you could spend some time at Princeton. Happy Mother's Day!