Wednesday, May 20, 2015

champagne toast

The bride received the shawl today, so I feel like I can share a few pictures. Unfortunately I didn't get nearly enough. Monday afternoon went like this: rush home from work, unpin shawl, press husband into service taking a few pictures, wrap in tissue paper, drive to post office with five minutes to spare before it closed.

My biggest regret: not getting a good full picture of it. These are the less-than-optimal blocking pictures, snapped with my iPhone...

And then a few with the shawl draped around me, with the better camera.

Hard to see the little beads but they reminded me of champagne bubbles, hence the name: my toast to the bride and groom.

ETA: I forgot to identify the pattern: It is "Sweet Dreams" by Boo Knits, part of her In Love collection. I originally had something a lot simpler planned, hence my thinking that two weeks was plenty of time to knit it, but this pattern proved irresistible. It is very well written and clearly charted out; I don't regret having to purchase the entire collection, as I will definitely knit more of her patterns.