Wednesday, May 6, 2015

in search of cashmere lace

I am sufficiently recovered from Maryland to realize that I have another deadline staring me smack in the face: a wedding. In just a smidge over two weeks. Of course, I planned to knit a shawl for the bride.

This isn't some last minute urge that came over me in the throes of yarn fumes at Maryland. I have been planning this for a while, because I purchased the yarn (a beautiful skein of cashmere lace from Pepperberry Knits, colorway "Sand Trap") plus matching beads, all the way back at Vogue Knitting Live in January.

I wound the yarn into a cake sometime in early March, so it would be ready to go whenever I had the time to start it. Then came more knitting classes and getting ready for Maryland and at some point I told myself it would be the perfect antidote to Maryland preparations, knitting time to spend with some beautiful yarn on a pattern that someone else had designed.

Today, I finally had the time to cast on, but as the more astute among you may notice, that is not a cake of Pepperberry Knits cashmere lace. When faced with the prospect of a track meet this afternoon with plenty of down time in between Secondo's events, I went in search of the yarn and needles so I could cast on...

And I couldn't find the yarn.

I still haven't found the yarn. After a frantic ten minutes of searching, with the prospect of arriving on time to work growing ever dimmer, I remembered that I had purchased a skein of Juniper Moon Findley, colorway "Oyster," some time ago on sale, with no particular project in mind. In a pre-destined sort of way, it is a similar enough color to the cashmere that the beads will work. It is still plenty scrumptious in the way that 50% merino wool, 50% silk can be.

BUT. It is not cashmere. At some point, I have to find that cashmere. For the next two weeks, however, I will be doing very little other than knitting this merino/silk lace, and liking it.

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