Tuesday, February 3, 2015

super bowl leftovers

While I could care less about the actual sporting event, Super Bowl Sunday was a food bonanza for me personally. My husband took care of making sure that they provisions were just right, picking up subs and hot wings in preparation. (I did my part. I got Doritos.) So everyone was happy and appropriately fed and cheering on the event while I got a little work done and watched Downton Abbey.

My husband was surprised, nay even shocked, that PBS would screen a new Downton Abbey episode on that most holiest of TV watching days. I drew him this helpful Venn diagram to illustrate the point that, if they didn't show a new episode, a small but significant population would have shown up to their local PBS station brandishing torches and pitchforks. 

You would think my husband, of all people, would appreciate the point that not every member of the United States population wants to watch the Super Bowl.

The bounty of food-that-was-not-my-responsibility kept giving into the next day, when the boys and I enjoyed leftover subs for lunch and then again for dinner. No complaints from them and definitely no complaints from me. I will happily eat cold cereal if it means I don't have to cook dinner, especially on a work day.

Tonight found me contemplating the remaining S.B. leftovers: about 30 hot wings. Any longtime blog follower knows that I take the challenge of using up leftover food in my fridge as a personal call to arms. So thanks to my friend Mr. Google, I decided to make Buffalo Wings Pizza.

I started with pizza dough from Shoprite because I was working all day and forgot to put the dough into the bread maker.

Even the leftover blue cheese dip/dressing can be used on this, as the "sauce." I had to supplement with a little ranch dressing to "ice" the entire dough but blue cheese dressing could also be used for the entire thing.

Fifteen itty-bitty wings are a giant pain in the butt to pick clean, which is my objection to the dang things in the first place. So much work for so little return. My thumb nail is still burning from the hot sauce more or less permanently wedged underneath.

Luckily a little goes a long way. About a cup of chicken was enough to cover the pizza, and I also added a few tablespoons of chopped red onion.

This pizza requires a little more than plain mozzarella, so I did a more or less equal combo of cheddar cheese and mozzarella, except I misjudged the amounts and it wasn't quite equal on the second pizza.

The end result, with Dusty ever hopeful in the background. No Buffalo Wing Pizza for you, my friend.

It's the leftovers that still keep on giving, because the boys will be taking it in their lunch tomorrow, so no need to make sandwiches at dark o'clock in the morning. Super Bowl Sunday is good for one thing, at least from my perspective, and I am going to miss it now that it's all gone.

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