Thursday, February 19, 2015

princeton farmer's market

Today was the start of a new venue, the Princeton Farmer's Market. Held in the community room of the local library, right in the middle of town, it features an amazing line-up of farmers, bakers, beekeepers, etc. And me, plus Robin, my partner in crime business.

The new farm sign made its debut. I am a little disappointed in the new farm sign, mostly because of my inability to use a tape measure and understand just how freaking big a 2 ft x 6 ft sign is. We managed to make it work as a sort of full frontal for the table. Everyone knew where we were from as long as they could back up to read it from the other end of the room, or standing outside in the center of the adjacent plaza.

Robin and I are getting better at pulling these things together in a pleasing manner. Pleasing to us, at least.

God bless those hand-me-down grids. They came in handy yet again

Also thank the good Lord for an INSIDE event on this cold cold day. We knitted and chatted and visited with our vending neighbors, and even had a visit from my college freshman and his friend. Much warmth, and not just from wool, to combat the chill. 

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